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  • Classes are subject to cancellation due to insufficient participants (minimum number of students is class dependent). If a class is cancelled you may enroll in an alternate class based on your skill level.
  • The times may be subject to change in order to accommodate students' and teachers' schedules.
  • We offer an individual membership\class package at a reduced price.
  • Payment may be made by check or online using PayPal\credit cards. Tuition fees must be paid before the start of the first class.
  • Material (textbooks, workbooks, CDs etc...) are not included in the fees.    See the respective class registration page for material costs.
  • View our refund policies and FAQ's for general information and to assist you in class selection.
  • We offer Adult classes, Theme classes as well as classes for Children and Teens.
    Note: Classes below are not scheduled for all sessions. Please view our Master Schedule  for classes being offered for the current session and to register.

 Adult Classes

Basic French

Beginning French-1

Beginning French-2

Beginning French-3

Beginning French-4

Intermediate French

Advanced French

French Conversation Classes


Grammar in use

Prononciation et prosodie du Français (Pronunciation and accent training)

Course description: The focus of this class is placed on the pronunciation of vowels and consonants, as well as on the aspects of rhythm and enunciation in French. You will focus on what differentiates nasal vowels from other vowels, the different ways of pronouncing the “r” and the “gn”, and how rhythm in French is linked to sentence structure rather than word choice, as it is in English. Each class focuses on the individual production of sounds as well as the basic principles of French intonation.
Examples of topics to be covered:
  • French Sounds
    • French vowels - [œ] / [ø] sounds [y] sound, nasal vowels
    • Semi-vowels
    • French consonants
  • Rythm and Intonation
    • Rythm
      • Syllabe and Rythmic group
      • Stress
      • « Enchainements et liaisons »
    • Intonation and Melody
Prerequisite: This class might be offered at different levels: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.

 Theme Classes

Survival French for Travelers

Reading in French

French Cinema

French Cooking Class

Learning French with songs

 Spanish Classes

Beginning Spanish

Spanish Conversation

 Children and Teen Classes

Fun French for Kids / Le coin des enfants

Course description: Do you want you and your kids to discover, learn and practice French in a fun way? Come and join us for songs,stories and activities in French. Fun French for Kids is geared for anglophone children or teens wheras "Le coin des enfants" is for families with bilingual children. Snacks will be provided. Note that this class is structured to have parental involvement. Please make sure that at least one parent attends the class with the child(ren).

Non-members are encouraged to obtain a family membership (good for 1 year) at a cost of $60 to take advantage of the members' reduced rates.

Prerequisite: A desire to learn French with your children in a fun way.

Spanish for Children

Immersion française / French Immersion workshop for AP French Students

Course description: The French immersion day is designed for AP (Advanced Placement) French students who wish to improve their overall skills in French (reading comprehension, speaking, listening and writing). It will allow the students to interact with other students studying French and native speakers. We will propose various activities such as preparing news reports, listening to French songs, playing sports (like pétanque), reading an excerpt of French literature, plus cooking the lunch collectively. These activities will help prepare the students for the AP French exam in May 2010. Revision of grammar rules and acquisition of vocabulary will be integrated in a fun way.
Fees: Student membership (a $15 value, valid for one year) and class: $50 (lunch included)
Prerequisite: Enrollment in the AP French program or advanced-level French classes in high school. Students who have a similar level of proficiency in French (because of traveling experience in a French-speaking country or having native French relatives) can register after contacting the Director of Academic Programs (academic_director at
Note: The number of participants will be between 5 and 10 maximum in order for the workshop to be beneficial to the students.

French for Teens - Les Ados

Review Session for the AP French Exam (4 hours)

Course description: This course is a review of all the sections covered in the AP test (listening, reading comprehension, writing, speaking) augmented by exercises to further explore and explain the topics.
Prerequisite: This review session is for High School students who are enrolled in AP level courses and are planning to take the 2011 AP French test.

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