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  • All classes, unless otherwise indicated, are held at AFTally's offices in the Florida Wildlife Federation building located at 2545 Blairstone Pines Drive.
  • Classes are subject to cancellation due to insufficient participants (minimum number of students is class dependent). If a class is cancelled you may enroll in an alternate class based on your skill level.
  • The times may be subject to change in order to accommodate students' and teachers' schedules.
  • We offer an individual membership\class package at a reduced price.
  • Payment may be made by check or online using PayPal\credit cards. Tuition fees are due prior to the start of the first class.
  • Material (textbooks, workbooks, CDs etc...) are not included in the fees. See the respective class registration page for material costs.
  • View our refund policies and FAQ's for general information and to assist you in class selection.
  • Registration deadline is the Saturday prior to the beginning of class. Your registration is valid only if the registration form along with your payment is received by that time.
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Adult Classes Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday  Fees   
Beginning French 1 will start with textbook Interaction 1. You will learn basic communication skills such as how to greet people, introduce yourself and ask simple questions. You will cover basic grammar rules, verbs, adjectives and practice with numbers...
Beginning French 2
Beginnig French 2 will start with textbook Interaction 2. You will learn how to understand and exchange information on topics such as the family, way of living, shopping,..
Intermediate French 1 will continue with textbook Interaction 3. You will learn how to understand and exchange information topics such as your travels, social relationship, food habits, lodging, how to ask for service...
Participants in these small-group classes will hone their basic conversational skills in French. These classes will aim to increase the participants' comfort levels in spoken French...
The Art of Walking: Together we will explore walking and seeing through French literature of the 19th-21st centuries, tracing the sights and sounds of Paris through the eyes of the stroller or "flâneur/flâneuse." This class meets at lunchtime, so please bring and enjoy your lunch throughout our discussion...
Private Classes
Learn at your own pace by having private and personalized lessons with one of our qualified tutors. Lessons are one-on-one sessions customized to your needs. Please click to access the questionnaire prior to registering for a session.
            Questionnaire (required before registering)
Register for a 5 hrs, 10 hrs session
or Private Group session
Theme Classes Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday  Fees  
Un beau mélange de diverses œuvres du cinéma français.  On se retrouvera chaque semaine pour regarder un film français considéré comme un chef d’œuvre de son réalisateur ou réalisatrice, et on en parlera après....More
New! Pass for 10 lessons selected
from Theme Classes
Pass valid for 1 year and 10 lessons, applicable to the Theme classes. Please contact us 24hrs prior to a lesson to register. Contact: -
            Members: $300
Non members: $350
Valid for 10 lessons 
This class will give some useful tips for people traveling to French speaking countries. Among the topics covered: basic vocabulary and expressions about different themes (restaurant, hotel reservations...), practical tips for travelers.
            Interested? Please contact the Academic Director for more information
Children's Classes Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday  Fees  
French for teens 2 will continue with textbook Adomania 1. Learn French basic vocabulary and grammar in a relaxed atmosphere. This program is designed for beginning students between the ages of 10-15...
Do you want you and your children to discover, learn and practice French in a fun way? Come and join us on for songs, stories and games to immerse your children in the sounds and meaning of French.
Do you want you and your children to discover, learn and practice French in a fun way? This class is perfect for children with some prior familiarity with French and includes reading, writing, beginning conversation, songs/poems, grammar and homework.
Clubs Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday  Fees  
Ciné Club
Informal film course
for members only.
Are you interested in French films? Would you like to practice listening to and speaking French? The Alliance Française de Tallahasse is now offering a free monthly, informal film course for members only. We will watch the films in French with English subtitles, followed by discussions.
            Free for Members
Details provided via Newsletter
Club de Lecture
Book club for members only.
This group meets every 6-8 weeks (depending on the length and language difficulty of the reading chosen), on Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. The location varies depending on who the host is for that session. The purpose of the Club is to get together and have a discussion in French about what we read.
            Free for members
Contact: Claudia Marchena
claudia at
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